Feintool: encoway CPQ Sales as a building block for digital sales

The Feintool success story

Learn in the presentation by Dr. Stefan Etzold how Feintool Technologie AG was able to develop from the stone age of quotation creation to the digital sales of the 21st century with the help of encoway CPQ Sales.

Feintool Teaser | encoway CPQ Sales als Baustein zum digitalen Vertrieb

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"We were able to increase the product margin by 4%."

Dr. Stefan Etzold
Head of Sales and Marketing, Feintool

The Feintool Company

Industry: Mechanical and plant engineering
Portfolio: Solutions for fineblanking, forming and e-sheet punching for processing steel sheets.
Headquarters: Lyss, Switzerland
Size: 3,500 employees worldwide
Turnover: € 581.8 million (2021)