Referenzstory Hundegger
Referenzstory Hundegger

Hundegger: Future-proof quotation process for all markets

“You don’t have to do that by hand!” – What applies for carpenters in the age of computer controlled manufacturing, the machine builder Hundegger has now put into practice in their quotation process. encoway CPQ Sales helps sales and marketing to prepare standardised and attractive quotations.


Industry: Mechanical engineering
Portfolio: CNC-controlled joinery machines
Headquarters: Hawangen
Size: 500 employees

Customer benefits

  • Quick implementation thanks to the software
  • No redundant data thanks to the interface ERP
  • Increased quality of information through the connection to PIM
  • Increased competitiveness in international markets
  • More process security through automated order generation
  • Securing practical knowledge

Customer testimonial

„The software assures a promising future for the quotation process.“

Patrick Widmann
Project manager
Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH

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