Astonishingly simple – the encoway configurator for SAP Hybris eCommerce

Via guided selling and configuration to the perfect solution – help your customers find the right solution on your website, even for the most complex of requirements. Get more out of your SAP Hybris eCommerce solution with the encoway configurator. It is neither complex nor expensive to implement.

Companies that want to make their eCommerce project a success place great emphasis on portraying both their product and service portfolio, and their solution competence in the most effective way. This is why a configurator is an essential part of the internet presence of variant manufacturers. A configurator is also crucial for any company that wants to be able to create a solution from individual components (system configuration), or to guide the user to the most suitable offering using a series of questions (guided selling).

Without a configurator, the user experience is often rather annoying. Many websites confront prospective customers with a far too extensive range of products. Numerous articles are shown that often only differ in minor details. The user is then forced to compare the products based on their technical features. Sometimes they are even asked to download the whole catalogue! They also have to decide which components are needed to create a worthwhile complete solution.

A configurator addresses the user’s individual requirements. Just like a good salesperson, the configurator asks about how the product is to be used, and then suggests the best solution. Using the configurator is fun, especially if it also includes a great-looking visualisation of the solution. This is where the configurator is the icing on the cake for the website, making those of the competition look antiquated.

The encoway configurator for SAP Hybris eCommerce

It is good news that this kind of configurator neither has to be expensive nor over-complex. With CPQ showroom, encoway offers SAP Hybris eCommerce customers a configurator that can be easily installed by Hybris partners as a REST service. The configurator automatically determines the implications of each decision made by the user: What further questions should be shown automatically? What are the default values for the subsequent steps? What options are no longer available? This result is that the user does not end up in a dead end due to their earlier selections. Later on, they can still select options which were theoretically ruled out and change what they originally selected.

You determine the look and feel of the configurator yourself. If there are short project run times, you are able to use and customise the React-based example interface of the configurator.

The maintenance of queries and the configuration rules to be checked is carried out by the staff of the specialist departments with the encoway data maintenance tool CPQ Studio. The required product data and its characteristics are transferred via interface. The query structure is then created and the rules stored. For example, the rules are in the form of “A never in combination with B”. No programming skills are necessary.

Nothing else is necessary to get more out of an SAP Hybris eCommerce solution using a configurator.