Accelerate your B2B eCommerce with web configurators

Successfully offer and sell complex products and solutions online

For consumer goods, online product configurators have long been the standard when it comes to selling customised products. For sophisticated B2B solutions, however, people often still search for these intelligent helpers in vain. Here, a web configurator will pave the way to digital sales channels and thus to new sales potential – especially for products and solutions that are supposedly only suitable for direct sales.

The more complex and varied the portfolio, the more clearly a sophisticated web configurator shows its capabilities. It impresses with speed and accuracy. In next to no time, the software is able to put together the desired solution from a large number of individual parts and components – with accurate pricing and technical correctness always ensured. And when online configurators of this kind are enhanced with 3D functionalities, they provide a captivatingly real shopping experience.

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The systematic digitisation of all sales and marketing processes is currently more in demand in B2B sales than ever before. Powerful product configurators are increasingly becoming a must for providers of sophisticated multiple-variant solutions who want to be successful in the long term. Because: When customers get used to and learn to value effective solutions in their private environment, they will increasingly expect them in all areas of the business world.

Efficient product advice

Manufacturers are faced with the challenge of meeting these expectations with a compelling customer experience. The personalised, consistent experience is enhanced with a convenient self-service option that is available 24/7. The customer thus receives the best possible advice at any time and anywhere, together with a maximum of individuality and flexibility in their choice of products. And along with this, a configurator also supports transparent and unambiguous communication across all channels.

By using a central database, a consistent and reliable product presentation is always guaranteed, regardless of whether the contact was generated via direct sales, online or through a dealer. The manufacturer also benefits from this interlinking of the sales channels: Because with a product configurator, end-to-end processes can be ensured across all the contact points in marketing, sales and service. This provides greater transparency and the salesperson is able to directly respond to the requirements and needs of the prospective customer already known from their configuration with individual advice and support, and proceed seamlessly from there.

Digital lead generation

Product configurators are ideal for enhancing your own website, underlining your competence as a trustworthy solution provider and drawing attention to your range of products and services in the infinite expanses of the World Wide Web. In this way, the necessary differentiation in the market can be successfully achieved. In addition, these digital options for customer self-service can be used to reduce the hurdles of the initial contact and to generate more qualified contacts with interested parties at a low cost. This highly effective query generation system can be further expanded by making the web configurator available to dealers. If the configurator is integrated into the portals of the partners involved, complex products can also be presented in a self-explanatory way via this sales channel. This helps the retailer to sell more effectively. This not only has a positive impact on the manufacturer’s turnover, but also motivates the dealer to actively sell the relevant products.

Scalable sales processes

Online configurators are not only a powerful lever to win customers and to ensure their satisfaction and to accelerate sales processes, but also an effective tool for optimising process costs and thus increasing cost efficiency in your own company. When you opt for a product configurator, you are able to automate and digitise numerous processes that previously tied up valuable human resources. The scalability of sales activities regardless of the availability of qualified customer advisors is thus possible, and order peaks can be handled with ease.

Because potential customers are able to find answers to their enquiries in the web configurator in a focused and time-saving way, the sales experts are spared the often complex initial discussions. They are able to invest the time saved in providing specific advice on special solutions. Depending on how the configurator is designed, the system can also automatically generate detailed quotations including prices and Bills of Materials, and can even guide the customer through to ordering. In this way, the entire process – from the product composition and pricing to the quote generation and the actual purchase process – can be digitally mapped.