Get the most out of your SAP LO-VC models!

Do you use LO-VC from SAP? Excellent! But can you use your models outside of ERP? With the products from encoway you can extract KMATs at the touch of a button and then use them in all of your sales channels.

Our solution enables companies that already create quotations for their configurable products in SAP SD to use their LO-VC models outside of SAP ERP for the entire sales process. This applies for both direct and indirect sales channels. Integrated in the CRM or also as a stand-alone web application.

There are many advantages to be had by reusing the existing KMATs:

  • No redundant data maintenance
    Maintaining the same data in various systems does not just mean increased effort but also inevitably leads to errors and discrepancies. This can prove to be very expensive.
  • Clarification of the constructability in the sales process
    Because configuration can now place directly at the point of sale, you save on the expensive clarification process. By using the existing models, the constructability of the material variant being offered can be directly verified. This ensures both speed and quality advantages over your competitors.
  • Automated order creation in SAP ERP
    Through the use of the existing models and master data, order changes can be automatically implemented. This as well can improve the process quality and reduce processing times.

Transfer of the LO-VC model in detail

The CPQ Studio data maintenance tool includes a derivation module for transferring the configuration models from SAP. After the connection data has been read into the SAP system, the extraction feature uses the standard RFC function calls to read out the necessary data for the encoway CPQ-solution.

The diversion feature extracts the material and its class structure from SAP. NUM and CHAR varia-bles are extracted together with their class-specific overrides and material-specific restrictions – regardless of whether they are multiple value, restrictable, or have additional values. It also transfers multilingual texts regarding characteristics and characteristic values. Standard Implementations are available for important object characteristics (for example SCREEN DEP tables, and INPUT, INVISIBLE and NO INPUT fields). These can be enhanced to meet individual customer requirements.

The transfer from the SAP system also takes into account the maintained object dependencies:

  • Preconditions for characteristics and characteristic values
  • Selection conditions
  • Procedures: local and in the configuration profile
  • Constraints
  • Actions (use is no longer recommended by SAP)
  • Setting and erasing of defaults using object dependencies
  • Standard functions for calculation and rounding
  • Calculation of price factors

For customer-specific enhancements developed in SAP (e.g. FUNCTION, PFUNCTION) there are defined interfaces for data transfer. Pricing is also usually mapped individually for each customer.

Should your KMATs be multi-stage, the extraction feature will transfer them using the standard functions. These include:

  • Configurable and non-configurable BOM items
  • Class nodes
  • Selection criteria and procedures for BOM items
  • Object variables $SELF, $ROOT, $PARENT
  • Object characteristics for quantity (STPO table and AMOUNT field)

An initial transfer can be conducted interactively. You can control the result and try out all the necessary steps. For the periodic updates, the transfer can also be automatically controlled.

“encoway is the leader in SAP connectivity“.
To find out more, please see the reference from BOGE KOMPRESSOREN.

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