Successful CPQ projects: You can rely on encoway

Learn all about the key to the success of a CPQ solution.

If the projector breaks down during a presentation or the lead of the pencil snaps off when you are creating a sketch it is always annoying – but not usually a threat to the existence of your company. The situation is different, however, if your sales force cannot work effectively and the customer receives your quotes too late or with mistakes. This is precisely the environment critical to success in which encoway is active, and the company is fully aware of its responsibility.

Anyone who wants to produce and sell sophisticated multi-variant products or services must be able to ensure that their quotation processes are quick, reliable and error-free. Finding the best solution for such a complex task requires far more than just advanced CPQ software. An essential key to success can be found in professional project management. This is why encoway places high demands on its employees. In a central mission statement for our project management we have precisely defined these requirements. Our mission statement is more than just a nice colourful poster on the office wall: it is the foundation for our daily activities and for how we work with our customers. This consistent focus on clearly defined guidelines ensures that encoway is unique in the industry and that it is always extremely reliable. Everyone who works with us in project management has committed themselves to the mission statement and the responsibility that comes with it. In this way, both customers and colleagues know what encoway is all about.

With its mission statement, encoway has not only formulated a single, clearly defined requirement profile for the people who lead our projects, but also ensured that our customers know exactly what they can expect when working with us.

encoway has built up a wealth of experience over the past 20 years.. We are very well acquainted with our customers’ markets and we are fully aware of the challenges they are facing. This in-depth understanding drives our actions, inspires our innovations and shapes our project management. Competence, experience, a structured approach and, last but not least, a passion for finding the best solution are the defining characteristics of first-class project management. This is precisely what determines the success of CPQ solutions.

With CPQ, you are able to control central key processes in your company. The quality of these solutions determines how well your sales force can work, and thus how much your business sells. This is why for this task that is critical to your success, you need much more than simply a service provider. What you need is a partner at your side who makes your challenges their own. This requires a high level of responsibility At encoway we practise this responsibility in all our business relationships. Reliability, transparency and sustainability are the values by which we measure both ourselves and our work – every single day.

Anyone who sees themselves as a real partner and takes their responsibility seriously also demonstrates their loyalty. This is why we look at projects holistically and go the whole way with our customers: from planning and implementation to operation and support. Working closely with our clients we develop individual strategies that prove themselves in practice. And at the same time we always keep a firm eye on the budget. We think entrepreneurially, act sustainably and plan ahead.. Thanks to tried-and-tested processes, a systematic approach and constant evaluation, our project teams are able to identify potential pitfalls at an early stage and respond proactively to changing requirements. Because we document all services transparently, the project status is clear at all times and is continuously communicated. This intensive dialogue plays a significant role in ensuring that the expectations and requirements of all the participants are always met. This is real partnership in practice.

I look forward to learning about the values and challenges of your business and working with you to explore how encoway can contribute to your success. Let’s talk!

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Sebastian Behnen

Management, encoway GmbH