eBook | How to maintain and share product knowledge intelligently

Find out in the 9-page eBook “Product data as a success factor”…

  • more about the risks and opportunities involved when handling the data.
  • how you can use your wealth of data in an optimised way.
  • how product information is more readily available with CPQ.
  • what role data and rule maintenance plays in your success.

Isolated solutions and silo thinking often lead to highly dispersed product data. As a result, the exchange of information between different internal departments, as well as communication with customers and sales partners, is usually time-consuming and prone to errors. Product innovations are also slow to reach potential customers.

The results of our Product Management Study confirm that maintaining product data and product models is both time-consuming and costly. The short VDMA study on CPQ and CRM also draws the conclusion that data entry and maintenance present the greatest challenge.

A more conscious approach to product data as well as simple and powerful data maintenance will ensure better utilisation of data, higher data quality and more efficient processes, especially for multiple-variant products and solutions.