eBook | Product data as a success factor

Maintain and distribute product knowledge intelligently

Product data is an important carrier of information. It plays a crucial role in product development as well as in sales, marketing and service. Despite this, the end-to-end availability and maintenance of product data is only given low priority in many companies.

Isolated solutions and silo thinking often lead to highly dispersed product data. As a result, the exchange of information between different internal departments, as well as communication with customers and sales partners, is usually time-consuming and prone to errors. Product innovations are also slow to reach potential customers. A more conscious approach to product data as well as simple and powerful data maintenance will ensure better utilisation of data, higher data quality and more efficient processes, especially for multiple-variant products and solutions.

Find out in the eBook…

  • what risks and potential there are when dealing with product data.
  • how to optimise the management of product data in the company.
  • how product data can serve as a basis for future decisions.
  • how product information can be made available via a CPQ solution tailored to requirements and the target group.
  • what role well-integrated data and rule maintenance plays in the success of a product configurator.