encoway unter den Top5 der digitalen Pioniere

encoway is one of Germany’s top 5 digital pioneers

On behalf of the business news magazine Wirtschaftswoche, the consultants Munich Strategy identified 50 companies out of 4000 as digital pioneers in the German SME sector. encoway reached an impressive 4th place in the ranking!

The survey looked at SMEs with a turnover of between five million and one billion euros. The criteria included the average economic performance from 2016 to 2020 and compelling digital business models. The questions asked included: “does software support digital processes?”, “Are there mobile apps?” and “Is the company active in social media?”. The growth potential of the companies was also taken into account in the evaluation.

Christoph Ranze, Managing Director of encoway, on the award: “This superb ranking reflects our enduring commitment to proactively help shape the digital world of tomorrow together with our parent company Lenze, our customers, present and future, and our partners. Not only our innovative configuration solutions play a driving role here, but also the DOCK ONE innovation lab and the Digital Hub Industry innovation network in Bremen, which opened this year”.

The complete list was published in issue 44 of Wirtschaftswoche.