encoway update with CEO Christoph Ranze

October 12, 2020

2020 has been a very eventful year: In addition to the unprecedented impact of the Corona pandemic, the year marks encoway’s 20th anniversary. An anniversary that in the current circumstances has become little more than a side note. In the last few months, encoway has been focusing on how to respond to and deal with the consequences of the crisis. The anniversary celebrations were postponed and various awards were moved to a later date.

We are now once again looking to the future with optimism. Our existing customers and numerous new clients know they can rely on encoway’s CPQ solutions to be better prepared for the future, even in times of crisis.

In this latest encoway update, our CEO, Christoph Ranze, takes a brief look back at encoway’s history, talks about the experiences of the past few months and reveals some special plans for the future.The video is only available in German.

encoway-Update mit Christoph Ranze: Jubiläum - Corona - Zukunftspläne

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