Start of training at encoway

This year, 12 trainees and dual students are starting at encoway again.

One week of exciting and intensive onboarding is already behind the prospective professionals. The first few days were all about getting to know each other: During a rally, our new colleagues explored encoway and got to know each other through various activities, such as visiting an Escape Room together. The prospective IT specialists for application development and system integration and dual students of IT also received important information for their everyday training and insights into the development and culture of encoway.

The next week is all about getting to know other future encoway colleagues as well as the encoway product world and the first tricky tasks to try out. After the two-week onboarding, the actual training or study will start.

The new apprenticeship cohort from left to right: Julian Marks, Aaron Bohne, Oliver Chrystossek, Nicolas Böse, Jann Eike Ackermann, Wagdy Wassim Abo Aed, Max Lehmann, Ilker Kaya, Martin Shaubert, Saman Yusif, Eric Pantke, Levi Helmts

In the first year, the focus of in-company training is on learning the basics. For IT specialists in application development, this means they learn the basics of software development. Topics such as data structures, clean code or test-driven development are covered. From the second year of training at the latest, the young professionals join the specialist teams and build on their knowledge directly in practice.

We are very pleased to have the new professionals of tomorrow on board and wish them all a good start and much success for their training and dual studies.