Logo Carl Cloos Schweißtechnik
Logo Carl Cloos Schweißtechnik

We welcome Carl Cloos as a new customer

Carl Cloos wants to sell new product lines via an encoway Sales Partner Portal in the future. In the planned portal, interested parties can visually configure and calculate their desired solutions. The aim is, among other things, to support the sales process, accelerate the quotation process and also enable new employees to create quotations more quickly.

Photo of Cloos brand Qirox robots
Qirox Roboter - customised, automated welding systems
Key visual for the QuesT welding power source from Carl Cloos with manual welder
QuesT welding power source from Carl Cloos

Under the CLOOS umbrella brand, the company develops, manufactures and distributes innovative solutions worldwide in over 40 countries. The modern CLOOS welding power sources QINEO are available for a wide range of welding processes. With the QIROX robots, positioners and fixtures, CLOOS develops and manufactures customised, automated welding systems. The product portfolio also includes intelligent solutions from the areas of software, sensor technology and safety technology – always tailored to your needs!