Beitrag von encoway zum Thema IT-Sicherheit

Cyber Security at encoway

IT Security

Cyber security is part of a sustainable corporate strategy. Security incidents can have a significant impact on business processes. In addition, it is also important for your customers that continuous operation on the one hand and data protection on the other are always ensured. As part of the Lenze Group, we at encoway place a special emphasis on the topic and would like to give you a little insight into our guidelines.

encoway Siegel IT-Sicherheit

  • We have implemented cyber security processes based on international standards such as ISO 27001.

  • With our security guideline, we have defined a uniform global standard for IT security throughout the Lenze Group.

  • We work with external cyber security experts to review processes and identify vulnerabilities.

  • All employees are appropriately trained and sensitised on these issues.

The Lenze Group makes considerable efforts to ensure IT security and thus also to protect our customers. It is our policy not to publish details of these protective measures. Should you as a customer require further information, we look forward to hearing from you by e-mail.

IP protection rights

Not only IT security is an important issue for you and your customers. International property rights may not be infringed by software under any circumstances. Otherwise, it can be extremely expensive and time-consuming for software users. Damages often amount to several million euros. If the IP rights violations are not settled with the software provider, the software user is often left to bear the costs. After all, the software user has the burden of proof.

With encoway, you have a partner at your side who is aware of this fact and is positioned accordingly: In cooperation with our parent company Lenze, we follow established and professional processes to manage this risk. In regular screenings, existing and newly applied for industrial property rights (e.g.  patents) are examined by experts from product management. In the case of “Findings”, clarification processes are actively initiated and, in addition, a defense of the company’s own property rights is undertaken in the case of inappropriate applications. This way you are always on the safe side.

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