3 reasons why a good UX pays off in CPQ solutions

From reducing development costs to ensuring competitive advantages – UX pays off in CPQ solutions

User Experience (UX) refers to the experienced and perceived quality of the interaction of a user with a product, service, environment or device. The term UX is used especially in the field of digital media.

With a good UX design, the application supports the workflow of the users and adapts to their actual requirements. The integration of the users into the various phases of the software development is therefore essential in order to prevent errors and to ensure a good UX design.

This integration can be carried out in a variety of ways: by monitoring users at the workplace and noting their requirements, by means of interviews, by reviewing the initial ideas using sketches and click dummies, and by testing the actual application on users.

That is all very well, but where is the added value for a company?

Here are three reasons why a good UX pays off:

1. You save money

Avoid erroneous developments, use development time effectively

Our valuable development time should ideally be used to develop great new products and features. However, studies* from the prestigious University of Southern California suggest that developers spend about 40-50% of their time on revisions that could have been avoided. Correcting errors after the project process is also up to 100 times more expensive than resolving them during the course of the project. And errors are not necessarily due to technical deficiencies – they can also have other causes, for example:

  • false assumptions regarding customer requirements
  • lack of user support for the final product
  • confusing navigation structures
  • implemented features that no one really needs

Ask for feedback from your target groups right from the start and thus develop user-oriented concepts and requirements. This will automatically reduce the above malfunctions and save valuable development time.

Reducing customer support costs

Even a system that is already running can be cost-optimized based on UX aspects. Find out what problems users face today. With what problems do your users often contact your customer support? Solving these UX problems can mean considerable time saving for customer support.

2. You will increase your sales

Increasing conversion rates

Anyone who wants to increase their conversion rate and remove all the hurdles for a successful conclusion will need to understand the specific difficulties that the users have with the system. Find out what prevents your users from using the “Request Quotation” or “Order” button. At what point do they frustratedly abort the process and why? With user tests effectively enhanced with web analysis tools, you will address the UX problems – which can often be quickly resolved.

3. You will impress your customers

Generating competitive advantages

A good UX also represents a competitive advantage. Customers today want to be able to operate systems quickly and easily, even when they are highly complex. A good UX focuses on relevant content and functions, reduces complexity, and ultimately saves the customers time. If customers are able to reach their objective more easily with you, they will be unlikely to choose a competitor.

Good UX improves customer loyalty

Thanks to the positive experience your customers have with your system, the likelihood that they will continue to use it and recommend it to others will increase considerably.

Do you want to know how the UX of your configurator application is performing and what you can do even better? The best way is to look over the shoulders of your users. Find out how your users interact with your application and where they have difficulties.

We will be glad to help you to improve the User Experience of your CPQ application and thus make it user-friendly and intuitive. We can provide you with advice about methods of User Experience design, carry out user tests and expert analyses and look closely at the work processes and requirements of your users in workshops.

Picture of Anne Jütting
Anne Jütting

User Experience Designer, encoway GmbH