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Integrate encoway CPQ into your CRM system

CRM and a configurator – how does that fit together? There are many established CRM systems on the market that you can use to map your sales processes, control release workflows and map all your sales funnel management activities. But this sales support often reaches its limits, especially in the capital goods industry. Whenever you want to offer configurable machines instead of discrete items. However, you do not have to choose between a good CRM and a powerful configurator.

The best of both worlds

Simply combine the advantages of both systems. You can seamlessly integrate encoway CPQ Sales into your CRM processes. This means that you leave the “good” parts of CRM, such as master data administration, workflows, and management of the sales funnel, in your trusted CRM. For all processes relating to the configuration and price calculation you simply use the special encoway software. And best of all, both systems are so closely interlinked that the user often does not even realise that they are operating two applications simultaneously.

A standard interface allows the exchange of current work progress between the two systems. For example, the CRM can trigger an approval workflow if the user wants to offer too high a discount. Conversely, encoway CPQ Sales takes country factors into account that result from customer data in CRM during configuration.

CPQ integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

encoway provides a fully integrated standard interface for the Microsoft CRM system. Here, the complete installation is supplied as a “solution”. In addition, encoway CPQ Sales can be visually seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The quickest way to get two systems working in harmony!

CPQ integrated in Salesforce

Salesforce customers are also able to integrate our configurator into their CRM. Manufacturers of components, machinery and equipment requiring a high level of complexity are able to use encoway CPQ Sales in their familiar Salesforce environment to put together an optimal solution quickly, simply and without errors.

As a CRM customer, you can also benefit from our SAP expertise: Use our SAP LO-VC add-ons, export configurable SAP materials to the encoway platform and configure this in compliance with SAP. Only in this way can you ensure automated document creation in your SAP ERP.

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