SAP LO-VC Model Check-Up: Test the quality of your product models

The ability to create product models in SAP LO-VC together with the rule sets is often used to detect configurable products logistically. The structures created in this way are often adapted during their lifetime and are used in scenarios for which they were not originally intended, for example for a sales configurator.

Do you want to know if your models are fit for their intended purpose and how to increase the quality? – Simply do the check-up!

Mastering variety is a key competitive advantage in markets with strong individual product requirements. The development of configurable modular systems is a response to these increasing demands on the product portfolio. Using modular systems, an individual component, a device, a machine or a plant can be developed with a minimum of effort.

SWith the module LO-VC, SAP ERP offers the option of mapping configurable materials, so-called KMATs, for which valid product combinations can be defined using rule sets.

Often in companies with existing KMAT product models, “grown structures” can be seen. Product models, for example, gradually become more complex and difficult to manage over time. Or they were initially created with a strong focus on logistics and are therefore difficult to use in other scenarios, for example for a sales configurator

This is why encoway has developed the “SAP LO-VC model check-up”. During this check-up, we analyse your existing KMAT product models and provide recommendations for improvements (see “Your advantages”). Not only LO-VC modellers benefit from this, but also other employees both experienced and new who are involved in the process.

Your advantages

You will improve the quality of your SAP LO-VC models and expand the know-how of your LO-VC modellers:

  • You will learn how to make your models maintainable and scalable
  • You will create the prerequisites for use of the models by different user groups & scenarios
  • Using best practices, you will learn, for example, how the runtime performance can be optimised
  • You will increase the level of modularisation and re-use

The target group

Those responsible for variant management in and relating to SAP, including implementation (LO-VC modellers and master data maintenance staff) and the specifications of models and usage scenarios (product management, sales, development, and possibly other areas).

The course of action

The procedure in the SAP LO-VC model check-up will be tailored to your individual requirements. It will include, for example, the following steps:

  • Clarification of the requirements for the LO-VC models (including pricing, print control, analytics, etc.)
  • Addressing already identified deficits
  • Determination of the quantity structures
  • Detailed analysis of representative LO-VC models
  • Runtime analysis (via Trace or runtime measurements)
  • encoway software can be used for detailed analysis
  • Recommendations for follow-up actions
  • Presentation of results and documentation

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Picture of Dr. Björn Höfling
Dr. Björn Höfling

Consultant Product Modelling / Professional Services, encoway GmbH