ERP integration: order processing and sales hand in hand

A successful digital sales process needs strong ERP integration

Order processing and sales go hand in hand

Congratulations! You have impressed your customer and they have placed an order. However, this is often where the real problems start. Because not all the necessary information has been compiled during the quote generation in order to create a production order – time-consuming queries are now necessary. If the product presentation in the quotation does not match the data required for the order creation, the internal sales staff have to creatively “interpret” individual quotation items. And this results in an expensive and error-prone order transformation process.

ERP – The beginning and end of sales automation

The ERP has two interfaces to the CPQ solution. On the one hand, it forms the foundation of the configuration solution with the master data. After all, you only want to sell what you can produce economically. On the other hand, all orders won must be created in the ERP for transfer to production.

Shorter time-to-market for master data

How long does it take today for a sales-relevant change in the master data to arrive in all the sales tools? Probably too long. The solutions from encoway reliably and automatically transfer relevant master data into your configuration solution. This ensures that changes in product data and even new products are available immediately – in all your sales channels.

Fewer errors in order processing and production

Thanks to the automatic order creation made possible by encoway CPQ, errors in order processing and production are avoided. The CPQ solution also identifies where there are deviations from your product standard and, in this case, forwards the quotation to the internal sales department for clarification.

Is SAP in use?

The ERP solution from SAP is one of the leading ERP solutions on the market. Therefore, encoway offers a special service portfolio SAP, which ensures a smooth collaboration with SAP SD. It includes, among other things, master data transfer via IDoc, extraction of KMATs including object dependencies as well as automated SD document creation.

The unique configuration technology from encoway makes it possible to automatically adopt LO-VC models and to run them on the encoway configurator. With encoway you can configure your KMATs wherever you want.