CPQ solution for construction elements and technical building equipment (TGA)

Precisely fitting products and individual customer requirements are just two arguments in favour of a CPQ solution in the construction elements and technical building equipment (TGA) sector. Especially in these industries, the number of variants is enormous. With the appropriate product configuration software, however, this diversity can be perfectly mastered. In addition, a lot of time and money is saved through simple quotation management.

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How encoway CPQ supports your sales and marketing of construction products.

Our Configure Price Quote software is more than just a simple configurator. With our solution, you can map visualisations and dimensional drawings during configuration. You can also offer the product configurator as a self-service solution and as a web shop. Through clever sales guidance (guided selling solution) and/or 3D visualizations during configuration, you also help searchers find the right product independently. Nothing can go wrong – after all, you can only configure what really works.

What is a construction product?

“Construction products” refers to all products that are permanently installed in buildings and civil engineering structures. With these construction products, it must be possible to erect structures that are fit for use and comply with the usual regulations.” (Source: CE mark). Construction products have an influence on the subsequent use of the building structure.

Configurable construction products include, among others

  • Windows and doors
  • Sun protection
  • Interior fittings
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Electrical installations
  • Technical building equipment such as
  • heating equipment
  • lighting
  • partly also surfaces
  • lifts
  • etc.

3D visualisation with added value

Especially when everything has to be a perfect fit, products and components should be presented in an easily understandable and tangible way. The encoway CPQ solution offers you and the stakeholders of your project exactly that.

Through visual configuration, individual parts and components are placed in a room or enclosure simply by dragging and dropping. The individually generated product model can already be rotated and moved interactively during configuration. The individual and tested products, systems or plants are created visually in front of the customers.

Real-time abstract technical data becomes tangible and understandable. But it’s not just about aesthetics. Dimensional drawings, DXF exports, BIM exports (IFC) or 3D exports (GLTF, GLB, DAE, OBJ) can be generated at the touch of a button. This way, your customers can check whether everything fits and the production department also has the technical data at its fingertips.

Self-service solutions and web shop

Not only your sales department should be able to assemble products. Offer end customers, architects, planners and craftsmen a self-service solution with a web shop that also supports dealer and wholesaler networks.

Especially through an Elbridge interface – i.e. the standard connection of wholesale shops to the product configurators of the industry – you offer your customers a special added value. In plain language, this means: prospective customers can start your configurator, put together products and transfer them to their wholesaler’s shopping cart.

Guided Selling – targeted to the right product

Guided Selling guides your sales department and your customers to the right product – even for very complex products. This is because Guided Selling solutions ask for the needs of the prospective customers. These are then converted into (technical) product features. This is because Guided Selling solutions ask about the needs of the prospective customers.

These are then translated into (technical) product features. In this way, you reduce hurdles in the sales process and make it easier for your customers to make a purchase decision. In addition, no mistakes can creep in during the sales process. The rules stored in the system ensure that only what really works can be configured.

Advantages for the construction elements and technical building equipment sector

With our industry solution, we support sales and marketing for all types of construction products. Construction suppliers also benefit from the specific functions.

  • Support for dealer and wholesaler networks
  • End customers, architects, planners and craftsmen can be addressed directly via self-service solutions up to the web shop if desired
  • Targeted sales guidance through Guided Selling
  • Errors and queries are prevented by Guided Selling
  • Visualisations support product understanding and purchase decisions
  • Mapping of dimensional variance
  • Support of industry-specific data formats, in particular IFC/BIM, DXF and GAEB as well as the Elbridge interface.

Would you like to learn more and see how our CPQ solution for the construction industry works?

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