Specialists in digitisation management

January 28, 2021

New apprenticeship trade at encoway from August 2021

“Specialists in digitisation management” – is the name of the new apprenticeship trade that encoway will be offering from August of this year. This relatively new qualification is an enhancement of the “Specialist in IT systems” apprenticeship trade and combines commercial knowledge with IT expertise.

As part of the three-year apprenticeship, the aspiring specialists learn how to manage data and processes from a business perspective as well as how to work independently, and they also acquire problem-solving skills.

In addition to the theoretical specialist knowledge acquired at the vocational college, encoway is especially keen to ensure that its apprentices gain a wealth of practical experience. The insight gained into various departments and specialist areas within the company and the close supervision provided by the apprenticeship coordinators ensure that a comprehensive range of skills are acquired.

With the new apprenticeship offering, encoway is creating a further opportunity for young people to start a career in the field of “digitisation” and to qualify for its own specialist staff requirements in the growing digital service business.

Here you can directly access the job advertisement…