The first all-digital Girls’ & Boys’ Day

On 22 April, encoway hosted the first entirely digital Girls’ & Boys’ Day. Under the motto “End boss software developer – your levels on the way there”, a total of 15 enthusiastic schoolchildren took part: five girls and ten boys aged 11 to 16.

The young participants had an exciting and eventful morning with us, and they learned a great deal, for example:

  • What does an apprenticeship as an IT specialist involve?
  • How can a university degree and an apprenticeship be combined in a dual study programme?
  • What can future software developers expect during their professional lives?

An encoway team made up of two apprentices and three dual students showed the schoolchildren how to master the different levels with their own characters in the game “CODECOMBAT” using programming languages. In this way, they were able to gain first experience in programming or enhance their skills in a fun and hands-on way.