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KHS: Minimising risks and mastering complexity

Back in 2014, KHS embarked on the journey from one-off manufacturer to customised series manufacturer. Together with encoway, KHS developed the iCon configuration solution based on encoway CPQ Sales.

The solutions from the world’s leading supplier of filling and packaging systems are diverse and complex. With the help of the CPQ solution, the variance was to be better managed and the associated processes automated to the maximum. At KHS, quotation documents are often more than 200 pages long due to the large number of linked individual machines. Depending on the complexity of the solution, up to 150 configurations including sub-configurations are required in a quotation.

"We have been working with encoway on a basis of trust for a long time and have continued to develop an outstanding solution during this time."

Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Head of Configuration, KHS Group

With the introduction of the configurator, the internal sales team and subsequently the field sales team were able to create quotations largely autonomously. The preparation of quotations has been significantly accelerated, the content of the quotations is more accurate and the subsequent processes are less time-consuming.

Compared to the past, more quotations are now created in the same amount of time. In 2022, KHS generated a turnover of around 1.29 billion euros using encoway’s CPQ solution.

PET bottling line from KHS (for carbonated water and soft drinks)
PET bottling line from KHS (for carbonated water and soft drinks)

By saving design resources and reducing the need for coordination, the costs of preparing quotations have fallen significantly. The resources freed up in the design department are utilised for the development of new solutions, for example. The distribution of standardised solutions has also led to savings in material and logistics costs in production.

"Before the configurator was introduced, there was a great need for clarification with many coordination loops. To date, we have been able to significantly reduce the time required to prepare quotations."

Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Head of Configuration, KHS Group

Customer benefits:

  • Standardisation and automation of the ATO process
  • Improved definition of the scope of services and reduction of risks
  • Faster and simpler order clarification
  • Faster and simpler quotation preparation
  • Cost savings in order processing
  • Improving customer loyalty
Beer bottling plant
Beer bottling plant from KHS

Company profile

The KHS Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems in the beverage and liquid food sectors. In addition to the parent company (KHS GmbH), the group of companies includes various foreign subsidiaries with production sites in Ahmedabad (India), Waukesha (USA), Zinacantepec (Mexico), São Paulo (Brazil) and Kunshan (China). There are also numerous international sales and service offices. At its headquarters in Dortmund and its other plants in Bad Kreuznach, Kleve, Worms and Hamburg, KHS manufactures modern filling and packaging systems for the high-performance sector. The KHS Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of SDAX-listed Salzgitter AG. In 2022, the Group realised sales of around €1.291 billion with 5,002 employees.