PHARMATECHNIK revolutionises the sales process with CPQ


Learn all the details about the successful CPQ project in the presentation by Andreas Walch, Managing Director of PHARMATECHNIK.

Referenzvideo Teaser PHARMATECHNIK | wie sie ihren Vertriebsprozess radikal reformierten

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"Revolution instead of evolution - how we radically reformed our sales process".

Andreas Walch
Managing Director, PHARMATECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG


PHARMATECHNIK is the largest owner-managed and independent software house for pharmacies, dentists and doctors in Germany and stands for innovation and customer focus. With its pharmacy management system, PHARMATECHNIK offers pharmacies intelligent process automation that makes complex processes simple and intuitive to use.

Sector: Medical technology
Portfolio: Software solutions and services for pharmacies
Headquarters: Starnberg
Size: 650 employees nationwide in 14 offices
Turnover: € 63 million (2017)