Phoenix Contact: Configuring the right electronics housing visually and interactively

Excellence in digital marketing

Customer Project Phoenix Contact (German with English subtitles)

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Headquartered in Blomberg, Phoenix Contact is the global market leader in components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering. The company employs 15,000 people worldwide and generated sales of EUR 1.97 billion in 2016. Phoenix Contact has a wealth of expertise in dealing with the requirements of digitisation and the continuous flow of data throughout the product lifecycle. It provides support for its customers in the digital transformation process. With the new housing configuration Housing Select 2.0, the company is setting new standards in digital marketing. encoway is a long-standing partner of Phoenix Contact. The company constantly faces the challenge of offering customers the best access to an individual solution from its wide range of products. There are 50,000 products in the core business of connection technology alone, including many configurable variants. The ME-MAX electronic housing series consists of 124 variants which theoretically allow more than 6 x 1024 combinations. For the best possible marketing of this product variety, Phoenix Contact looked at the central questions:
  • How can our customers find the right product / set?
  • How can we offer our customers added value?
  • How can we manage this product variety?
Many years ago, Phoenix Contact introduced product lists on the web and in online catalogues with intelligent filter functions. The company received support for this project from encoway among others. However, the growing demand for digitisation and the changing information and buying behaviour of the customers around the world mean that this will in future no longer be enough. The company therefore decided to develop a new generation of configuration, Housing Select 2.0. Customers are guided interactively and intuitively step by step by drag & drop to the most suitable housing. CAD data can be downloaded and the configuration saved. Housing Select 2.0 is used in 27 languages worldwide and also allows you to configure on mobile devices.
The new generation of configuration at Phoenix Contact, Housing Select 2.0

Not only the customers of Phoenix Contact benefit from the new solution. The advantages for the company itself are numerous: from the increase in customer inquiries and the accelerated internal processing to the strengthening of the customer relationship and the brand values. “Thanks to the significantly simplified marketing of electronics housings with connection technology, the motivation of the global sales organisations has also increased,” says Stefan Derenthal, Director of Marketing Communication at Phoenix Contact. “and we intend to expand on this in the future with customer-specific individualisation options”.

encoway realised the selector on the basis of an expandable configuration platform. Matthias Tieben, Senior Project Manager Marketing Communications at Phoenix Contact: “The long-standing collaboration with encoway is extremely successful. Using existing function modules and uniform data model structures, we are able to quickly develop and enhance configuration tools.”

The Housing Select 2.0 configurator can be accessed with the WebCode #0512 via free-text search on the Phoenix Contact website.