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CPQ operating models: SaaS solution in the cloud or on-premises

The right operating models for your requirements

Easily determine for yourself which operating model is best suited to the individual requirements and wishes of your company.

Simple and flexible in the cloud

With a CPQ Cloud solution, you benefit from low acquisition costs, conserve your own resources and thus save money. Do without your own IT infrastructure for CPQ and don’t worry about time-consuming and cost-intensive tasks such as operation, maintenance, care or repair. The experienced software experts from encoway take over these tasks for you, guarantee high availability and the smooth and secure operation of the solution.

At the same time, you remain flexible as the solution is scalable and you can quickly and easily adapt the service package to your needs. Regular upgrades and security patches also ensure that you always remain up-to-date and can benefit from new and updated functionalities.

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Software as a Service operating model

Cloud operation includes the following services, among others:

  • Providing the server infrastructure
  • Support of the IT infrastructure and system environment
  • Installation and updates of the operated software
  • Continuous (24/7) checking of the availability of the software
  • Processing of reported malfunctions
  • Backup
  • Support & services

Alternatively, you can operate the software just as flexibly, scalably and cost-effectively via your own cloud provider.


With 24/7/365 monitoring and self-healing applications, our customers enjoy smooth operation with a current uptime of 99.98%. The applications we run are automatically monitored to minimise the risk of problems. We are constantly learning and provide the project and product areas with valuable feedback for the next development steps.

GDPR and Complaince

With encoway SaaS we offer you the complete operation of your configurator by encoway. The SaaS product configurator is hosted in a modern infrastructure in Europe (Microsoft Azure West Europe, Amsterdam). Certified according to Data Residency Europ (DSGVO / GDPR) and ISO 27001 / SOC2, the securely encrypted master data remains in Europe.


The data of our customers are additionally separated from each other by isolated customer environments.

The traffic is encrypted according to the current TLS / SSL procedure.

Likewise, all data storage is encrypted.

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In addition to the above-average accessibility via the ticket system, our trained team is available by telephone for support requests.

Business Continuity

All necessary data is backed up daily so that in the event of a failure, the applications can also be restored in another cloud location by means of a GeoLocation backup.


Regular security reviews bring an additional plus in security. We check the entire solution, consisting of infrastructure and applications, with an external partner for possible weaknesses and thus constantly improve the entire solution.

Operating model: on-premises

Would you prefer to operate the CPQ software yourself? Then CPQ On-Premises is exactly the right solution. encoway supplies you with the software ready for installation and supports you with the implementation in your IT infrastructure if required. Afterwards you have full control over the application and are independent of external server connections and any internet bandwidth.

Sensitive product and price data remain in your company, within your own firewall. You use your own IT specialists to operate the software and choose yourself when you want to install which product update or whether you want to leave the maintenance of your software in the hands of encoway after all.

Whether you want to use CPQ on-premises or in the cloud, encoway will provide you with the right solution for your needs.

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