Lenze Familienfest - Jubiläum 75 Jahre

75 years of Lenze – employees and their families celebrate in Groß Berkel and worldwide

There will be big celebrations when “our Mom*” Lenze has her 75th company anniversary. The anniversary week started with a celebration with customers and partners and ended with a big international family party. In addition, the Mechatronic Competence Campus (MCC) was opened as part of the festivities.

On October 15, Lenze celebrated its 75th company anniversary with a big family party at 14 international locations. Around 3,500 guests visited the headquarters in Groß Berkel. To ensure that all locations could celebrate together, there were various live video broadcasts throughout the day to the USA, China, Argentina, India, Brazil and twelve other European countries.

The motto for Lenze’s anniversary year is “The Courage of Change”, demonstrating the courage for change that the company has carried since its founding in 1947. In the anniversary year, there was another change at Lenze: on the occasion of the company’s anniversary, Lenze opened the MCC. “Here at the MCC, we bring together what belongs together so that interdisciplinary teams can develop and produce sophisticated mechatronic systems even faster for our customers around the globe. And we are simultaneously optimizing our logistics with our automated high-bay warehouse,” emphasized Lenze CEO Christian Wendler at the opening. “The MCC is a key component of our global growth strategy.” For more information on the MCC and the company’s anniversary, visit Lenze’s website.

* The Lenze Group is a leading global automation company for mechanical engineering. encoway GmbH is a proud part of this group of companies.