encoway welcomes the new apprentices in 2019

August 05, 2019

We are delighted to welcome ten new apprentices and dual students to encoway this year – more than ever before. Five of the new colleagues are beginning their apprenticeships as IT specialists in application development and one as a specialist in office management, while four are starting their dual study programme in Computer Science. In addition, three retrainees are now commencing internships as part of their professional reorientation at encoway.

The promotion of young talent has a very high priority at encoway. In fact, it has now been 14 years since encoway took on its first apprentices. Since then, the company’s vocational training programme has been continuously further developed and expanded to reflect current requirements and to meet the increasing demand for well-trained specialists. Currently there are a total of 23 apprentices and dual students in the company in five different training and academic years.

For the new job starters, their apprenticeships and retraining begin with an orientation period in which they get to know the company and its products before switching to the respective specialist departments.

We wish all the new colleagues every success and look forward to their apprenticeships with us!