Scaling the plant business thanks to CPQ at the Wagner Group

Success Story J. Wagner GmbH

Learn in the presentation by Dr. Jens Arnoscht (CTO Industrial Solution) how a consistent configuration has served as a catalyst for business process optimisation at the Wagner Group.

Referenzvideo Teaser Wagner Group | Skalierung des Anlagengeschäfts dank CPQ

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"How the plant business scaled thanks to encoway CPQ!".

Jens Arnoscht
CTO Industrial Solutions, J. Wagner GmbH

The company J. Wagner GmbH

J. Wagner GmbH is part of the internationally active WAGNER Group and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality equipment and systems for the application of wet paints, powder coatings, paints and other liquid materials.

Industry: equipment and apparatus manufacturers
Portfolio: Innovative systems for coating with wet and powder coatings.
Headquarters: Markdorf, Baden-Württemberg
Size: 1600 employees at 16 locations in 13 countries
Turnover: € 132 million (2017)