Achieve the right product variance with encoway consulting

Are you aware of the opportunities and challenges to make your business fit for the future? Although many companies understand the challenges, it is often difficult to identify concrete potential and develop a suitable plan based on this.

encoway Consulting offers comprehensive consulting services ranging from the needs of your customers to efficient processes and the required product data structures.

Together we achieve:

Added value through aligned processes and product data structures

Most companies start change by identifying potential in the area of products or in the area of processes and then strive for optimisation. In most cases, the automation of certain processes is part of the desired solution.

All too often, however, software is viewed and implemented in isolation as a panacea. In a highly complex and dynamic environment of individualisation and digitalisation, however, software can only deliver the desired added value if the processes and product data structures are well aligned.

Integrating software into holistic concepts

Our approach is therefore always to keep an eye on all the relevant parts and to develop a viable overall concept. The digital process must add value for the user.

The product data structures must be of high quality and consistent across product groups. And above all, the product data structures must fit the (software-supported) process. This is the only way to lay the foundation for a successful implementation of digital processes with suitable software.

From product..:

Portfolio & Sales Optimisation (green line): We analyse and optimise the portfolio by identifying the right variants and removing unnecessary ones. Using analytics, guided selling and modular structures, we create a portfolio that is fit for the future.

Product data structure (blue line): We design the product data structure as the basis for implementing the portfolio in the IT systems. We make sure that this structure also enables the automation of the processes under consideration.

From the process..:

Customer process (yellow line): The focus is on meeting the needs of the target group through product finders and configurators. The end-to-end process from the user’s point of view is particularly important to us and IT systems and data structures must adapt to this.

Sales & CPQ processes (red line): Sales processes are usually about standardisation and digitalisation of existing processes. The focus is often on shortening lead times, reducing dependency on limited human resources (keyword: skills shortage) and improving the quality of results.

…To the system:

Digitalisation is primarily aimed at automating manual and recurring activities with the help of software. encoway CPQ supports you in the digitalisation of product finders and product configurators both in your own sales department and with your customers in self-service.

As a rule, however, this software is not an island – together with you, we also design the interaction with other systems, such as the PDM or ERP system as a data source, the CRM system as an execution environment and the ERP system for converting quotations into orders.

What we offer

encoway Consulting supports you along all lines: From the analysis of today’s processes with potential analysis to the development of suitable customer journeys and UX designs to the conception and development of suitable and efficient data structures to the design of the IT system landscape and suitable interfaces.

More about our variant management method.

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