Product Configurator

Find the right product variant quickly and reliably

encoway’s configuration core is one of the most powerful on the market. Based on artificial intelligence methods, it also meets the highest requirements of the manufacturing industry. Producers of capital goods are optimally supported by the configurator in the efficient marketing of their complex, configurable products, systems and solutions.

Sustainable knowledge management

With encoway’s “modelling instead of programming” approach, the contexts of complex products are simply modelled, avoiding the lengthy programming of dependencies. This safeguards the variant knowledge sustainably, and makes it available to everyone involved.

The correct variant is configured by querying and entering requirements. Thanks to the object dependencies being modelled in a media-neutral way, you can respond individually to the users and their requirements. For example, users with previous knowledge and product experts receive more creative scope and a higher degree of freedom in the configuration. Inexperienced users, retailers and customers receive closer guidance by means of Guided Selling during the configuration.

Super BOM or class-based product configuration

There are two strategies for mapping complex, configurable products. The use of super BOMs has proved itself in practice and is widely used. However, a pure BOM configuration is not sufficient if the number of required modules can theoretically be as large as desired, as for example with a conveyor line with intralogistics.

In these cases, encoway focuses on AI research methods that can be used to implement class-based, multi-level models. Large-scale and difficult-to-maintain models are thus avoided. Instead, smaller, reusable modules that build on one another are created.

User friendly application

The configurator focuses on the user. Users are intuitively guided through the process and can decide for themselves whether to follow the suggested order or to choose one of their own. Product images, 2D and 3D visualisations, and help texts make the work easier and allow new sales staff and users to get started quickly.

The user is alerted to non-combinable inputs and is given the opportunity to make corrections. If the standard modular system does not suffice, the system also provides the option of offering special developments that comply with the system.